Indicative Delivery Timetable

Indicative phasing plan

North of Horsham will be delivered in phases over a number of years. Each phase will include housing, community facilities and jobs. Convenience and neighbourhood retail space will be developed along with amenities and the associated infrastructure to accompany the development.

The exact delivery timetable for North of Horsham will evolve as detailed plans are progressed. At this stage, we anticipate delivery in three phases of around five years each. We expect the business park to be delivered across all three phases.

The above plan provides an indication of which parts of the development are likely to feature in each phase. The key gives an indication of the main features we anticipate being delivered in each phase.

  • Phase 1 (years 1-5)

    Phase 1 will deliver a new local centre which will become the heart of North of Horsham with community facilities, food store and a range of shops, cafés, restaurants and a pub.  Phase 1 will also deliver the main school campus (including a primary school, secondary school, early years and  special needs provision) and around 1,000 homes with a broad mix of housing types, sizes and tenures to meet local needs. A section of the business park will also be delivered in the first phase, as well as providing a regular and frequent bus service into Horsham town centre.

  • Phase 2 (years 5-10)

    Phase 2 will deliver the new natural green space area incorporating the new sports park and community facilities providing a new sports pavilion, sports pitches and multi use games areas.  The Riverside Walk will be expanded in the second phase, alongside the creation of a new nature park.  Another 1,000 homes will also be delivered alongside the ongoing delivery of the business park.

  • Phase 3 (years 10-15)

    Around 750 new homes will be delivered in Phase 3, alongside further development of the business park, the second primary school, additional community facilities, new neighbourhood areas, allotments, cemetery and a potential new parkway railway station.

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