Character areas

Indicative image showing North of Horsham character areas

The North of Horsham masterplan adopts a varied approach to layout, architecture and landscaping to create five distinct character areas. The business park is designed to be a high-quality environment which meets the needs of modern businesses, whilst the four residential neighbourhoods have been developed from an analysis of the existing town and surrounding villages.

  • West

    The West area forms the westernmost gateway into the development with immediate access from the A264. The area takes reference from the character of the villages surrounding the development.

    Particular focal areas are the western green square, acting as the gateway into the site from the west, and the linear green park, which will provide an attractive link toward the proposed school and opens out into a large open green space.

    The building density is generally low and medium, characterised by a majority of two storey homes. The architectural style will be informal drawing on the surrounding historic villages.

  • Central

    The Central area at the heart of the development features a mix of uses including local shops and amenities along with a new community hall.

    It includes both an attractive new linear green park, which passes though the character area from east to west and provides a link with the Nature Park, and an existing water course and hedge feature which runs from north to south.

    This area derives its overall character from Horsham and with particular reference to the ‘Causeway’ – the charming tree-lined street that runs from the Market Square to St Mary’s Church.

  • North

    The overall character of this area will be Arcadian, drawing inspiration from the Edwardian ideals of buildings that are in harmony with nature.

    This character area will be low density and arranged around a series of tree-lined streets that are punctuated with pocket parks and routes allowing direct connections with the surrounding natural landscape.

    Housing will be predominantly two storeys high using warm earthy materials and hipped rooves.

  • East

    The East area is adjacent to the nature park and sports hub and is bounded by the linear greenway along Chennells Brook. This area will be lower in density than the remainder of the site and offers key links into the green corridor and the nature park.

    The area is characterised by the streams that run though it and existing woodland features which shape the spaces.

    The nearby farmland to the east has informed the architectural approach, which draws inspiration from the simple forms of local agricultural buildings and will be sensitively integrated with the nature park and adjacent woodland.

  • Download public exhibition boards – September 2016