Meeting local housing needs

Illustrative image of neighbourhood centre and examples of different house styles at Kings Hill


Liberty is a masterplan developer and we work closely with housebuilders to deliver good design and high-quality environments. We want to build a community at North of Horsham that the existing and new residents of the town will be proud of and, as a long term investor, we will have a stake in its future success.

North of Horsham will provide up to 2,750 new homes, including a broad mix of housing types and tenures to provide options and address affordability issues for local people.

Up to 30 per cent (825) of the new homes will be specifically allocated to meet local needs, offering a wide range of sizes and tenures.

There will be homes for people to rent from a housing association at a discounted rate, alongside shared ownership options and homes first-time buyers can purchase at a discounted market value – a key Government policy for increasing home ownership.

Liberty also intends to deliver a number of private rented sector homes to help meet local needs. This tenure is growing in popularity, especially with younger generations, as it offers flexibility and time to save to buy, whilst retaining quality and security of tenure.



North of Horsham will be made up of a mixture of homes from one bedroom apartments to five bedroom houses.

The residential areas will have a varied density, with higher densities around neighbourhood centres and the A264 and a graduated density towards the edges of the development. New buildings will be separated from the A264 by substantial new landscape buffers.

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