Highways Improvements

Indicative masterplan showing main access points

New and improved roads and junctions will provide vehicles with access to and from the site. The three main access points will be:

  • a new roundabout at the junction between the A264 and Langhurstwood Road.
  • an improved roundabout at the junction between the A264 and Rusper Road.
  • a new junction on the A264 between Rusper Road and Moorhead Roundabout.

1-dot Proposed Langhurstwood Road junction

A new access junction is proposed on the A264, close to the existing Langhurstwood Road junction, providing access to the western side of the site. This will be a signalised roundabout, with pedestrian and cycle crossings. The southern end of Langhurstwood Road will be realigned, so that the development traffic and existing HGV traffic can be diverted away from the existing properties. The southern arm of the junction will be a bus-only route with associated footpath/cycleway connecting to Pondtail Drive, allowing buses, pedestrians and cyclists to travel between the development and the existing town.

1-dot Proposed improvements to Rusper Road junction

The existing A264 roundabout at Rusper Road will be improved with extra lanes and traffic signals and will provide access to the central part of the development, including the secondary school and foodstore. Pedestrian and cycle crossings will be integrated with the design of the junction and a foot / cycle bridge will provide a grade separated crossing.

3-dot Proposed new access junction

A new left-in, left-out junction will be provided on the A264 between Rusper Road and Moorhead Roundabout. This will provide access to the eastern part of the site, including the business park and potential new Parkway Station.

Other improvements

A series of other highway improvements have been identified within the study area and include delivery of and / or contributions towards improvements at Great Daux, Moorhead, Hop Oast and M23 Junction 11, among others.

Please visit our Information Hub for further details of the transport strategy and improvements.

  • Download public exhibition boards – September 2016