Indicative connectivity plan


Through co-location of homes, jobs, schools and shops, we aim to reduce the need for people to travel by providing the necessary mix of amenities in close proximity to homes. Where people do need to travel, we will provide a range of sustainable travel options to seamlessly connect the new community to the existing town of Horsham and reduce reliance on the car. These sustainable options include bus services, new cycleways and new crossing points on the A264 for pedestrians and cyclists. There is also the opportunity for a new Parkway station on the site.

We will integrate the new community into the existing town. Through good design and appropriate investment in local transport infrastructure, we can improve connections to Horsham town centre so existing shops, businesses and amenities can benefit from the increased number of people visiting the town centre.

Pedestrian and cycle links

We will provide a series of new and safe at grade pedestrian and cycle crossings at improved junctions along the A264.

A new foot / cycle bridge across the A264 is proposed at the new Rusper Road junction providing access to the heart of the development.

There is also an existing underpass which we could improve to provide better access for pedestrians and cyclists.


The plan above shows the pedestrian and cycling improvements proposed across the A264 and the wider site. These improvements will:

  • allow existing residents of Horsham to access facilities within the new community.
  • allow existing residents of Horsham better access to the surrounding countryside.
  • provide a safe crossing of the A264 for cyclists travelling between Horsham and Crawley.
  • allow residents of the new community to access the amenities in Horsham town centre.

Bus services

We are working with bus service providers in Horsham and our proposals are to extend bus routes from the current edge of north Horsham to connect the development with the town centre. The areas of north Horsham currently served by the 51 and 61 will still have a similar level of service.


There is also the potential for a new Parkway Station on the Horsham-Crawley-London line and we are working with Network Rail and the train operator to develop these proposals. The station would provide 600 car parking spaces, which could allow for improved rail access for the planned developments in Horsham District and existing residents in the surrounding rural areas. As the new Parkway station could be connected to the town by a bus service, it could act as a valuable Park-and-Ride option for those visiting Horsham from the surrounding area.

  • Download public exhibition boards – September 2016