Community Facilities

Indicative North of Horsham masterplan sports hub extract (top left) and examples of community facilities and activities at Kings Hill, Kent


To deliver a balanced and successful community, new housing and employment space will be supported by local shops, schools, a doctors’ surgery, a community hall, as well as health and recreation facilities for the whole town to enjoy.


With pressure already on school places, North of Horsham provides an opportunity to deliver a comprehensive education solution locally and West Sussex County Council (WSCC) is prioritising delivery of a new secondary school to help meet this important need.

A new education campus at the heart of the new community will include the secondary school and one primary school, as well as catering for ‘early years’ and special education needs.

Likely to be a Free School, the new secondary school will cater for 900 pupils and have the potential to expand to 1,200 pupils in the future if WSCC needs to create more school places to meet wider district needs.

A second primary school will be located in the western part of the new community, again with the potential to expand if WSCC needs to create more school places to meet wider needs.

Liberty will provide land and make financial contributions towards these new schools and learning facilities to meet projected pupil numbers from the North of Horsham community itself. We will also make extra land available to WSCC so it can build the bigger schools if needed.

Neighbourhood areas will be connected to the schools through green corridors, which will provide safe footpaths and cycleways for children to travel between home and school.

Sports and recreation

Liberty is committed to promoting healthy and active lifestyles and will be making a significant financial contribution towards a range of sports, recreational activities and open space provision. This will include sports pitches and changing rooms; multi-use games areas; youth activity areas; fully equipped children’s play areas; allotments; parks and natural green spaces.

Formal sports and recreation provision will be complemented by informal green spaces and children’s play areas, as well as fenced, hard-surfaced kickabout areas. These will be linked to residential neighbourhoods by footpaths and cycleways

North of Horsham will provide better access to sports and recreation facilities for existing users and clubs, with high quality new facilities catering for a range of interests and sports, including the expansion of the Riverside Walk and important connections to help complete the Horsham – Crawley cycle link.

The masterplan includes a nature trail connecting key ecological points of interest, including a new nature park featuring local woods, water meadows and other new wildlife habitats created in the new community.

A heritage trail will open up access to local features of interest, including Moated House Farm and the Castle, and provide a link to the Motte and Bailey south of the A264.

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