A Quality Environment

Indicative masterplan showing open spaces and environmental features


The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) promotes growth to meet the needs of current and future generations. It also requires that growth should respect and, where possible, enhance the natural environment.

Liberty believes not just in providing homes but in creating quality environments. We aim to enhance the communities where people live by creating a landscape first masterplan which recognises the wider benefits of ecosystems and provides net gains in biodiversity.

Large swathes of the site will remain as landscaped open space and parkland, sports pitches, and a nature park, featuring local woods and water meadows. These green spaces will be made accessible through a network of footpaths, cycleways and bridleways. Individual homes will also have their own gardens.

Ecology and Ancient Woodland

North of Horsham contains a number of wildlife habitats and protected species such as ancient woodland, wood-pasture, trees, hedgerows, watercourses, ponds, bats, great crested newts, birds, reptiles and beetles, which we will aim to retain and manage. We will maintain the ancient woodland, keeping an appropriate buffer between this and new buildings. By building homes and amenities around the woodland, we aim to protect it while managing it for more people to enjoy.

We will also be creating new wildlife habitats, such as ponds, meadows, grasslands and areas of tree, shrub and hedgerow planting. This will enhance the landscape that is already there, as well as enhancing biodiversity and providing links to the ecology of the wider area.

Green spaces and local parks

We will provide green spaces and a new nature park, which will be accessible to new and existing residents of Horsham. These open spaces will also serve an important ecological role, allowing plant life and wildlife to thrive.

Green corridors will connect the open spaces and will provide safe footpaths and cycleways. Some of these spaces will form part of a nature trail to complement the heritage trail that is also being designed.


There are existing heritage features and other important local assets scattered across the site, which we will protect and enhance as part of our plans. We also want to make them accessible for existing and new residents to explore.

We will provide routes to new facilities and amenities, as well as create public access to some woodlands and green spaces that will be protected and enhanced. A new heritage trail will make those assets accessible and connect them to the town for all residents to enjoy, enabling people to appreciate the history of the area.

  • Download public exhibition boards – September 2016